Photo gallery

Delft - Autumn 2018

Delft - a beautiful medieval town in the Netherlands. I returned to Delft to attend GeoDelft and the ISPRS TC/IV symposium. The trip was coincidently exactly 4 years after my summer visit to TU Delft during my PhD years.


The Guggenheim

A few shots I took while accompanying my friends, who flew half way across the world to see this museum. I was more interested in the concrete spiral architecture (and the cracks on its façade) more than the modern art collections inside.



I do street photography from time to time.


Phú Yên

Phú Yên, a coastal province in the Central Vietnam, is my hometown. Phú Yên has Gành Đá Dĩa, a seashore field with a geological formation similar to Giant's Causeway in Ireland. The rock field is made up of interlocking basalt columns, which were formed in the ancient time when volcanic lava cooled down and contracted as it reached the sea water.

Phú Yên